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Relationships Drive our Mission

The mission of East (Northeast) Austin Young Life centers on relationships. Young Life leaders seek to meet students where they are, engaging in school and community activities to build relationships with High School students.

The goal of these relationships is friendship: helping students to understand that they are not alone, that they have a support structure that involves family, teachers, coaches, churches and Young Life leaders.

Ultimately, Young Life leaders seek to share hope. Hope that ultimately comes through a relationship with God. Young Life leaders and staff are trained to mentor students, sharing friendship and hope, engaging students' questions about life and God on their own terms. The Young Life mission involves relationships, weekly club and campaigner meetings, bi-annual camps, student leadership opportunities and a supportive committee of adults who provide service and oversight.

Upcoming Events ​​​​
Crooked Creek Camp 2019

Young Life Polar Bear 2018

Sharptop Cove Camp 2017

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